Nearly all product links on this website are affiliate links, and I use the rebates from these commissions to reinvest in classical piano sheet music and CDs for the benefit of my piano students. I (and my students) much appreciate your support of making purchases here whenever possible. A list of things I have purchased with rebates is below and will be continually updated. Some items (such as Mendelssohn) simply allow me to more easily assign and learn repertoire with my students. Other things (such as the Corigliano and PDQ Bach) are things I will use in my once-every-two-month group lessons, having students follow along some insanely difficult music (or in the case of PDQ Bach, wacky music) while listening to a recording of it – something students do not have the luxury of doing at home.

If you are looking for a piano/music related item that does not show up anywhere in this shopping section, please leave a comment anywhere on the website. The comment will not actually get published on this page, but I (the “moderator”) will be the one to receive it and follow your suggestion before deleting it.

Shopping Areas

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Sheet Music

List of Items Purchased Using Affiliate Commissions

Corigliano – Piano Concerto
Mendelssohn – Capriccio Brillant
Mendelssohn – Piano Concerto No. 2
Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 12
Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 13
PDQ Bach – Le Tombeau de PDQ Bach (sonata for piano and violin)
Ravel – Piano Concerto

I (and my students) thank you for your support!

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