Ear Training – Age 6 and up

Music Ace 1 – Consumer Version – Features 24 sequenced levels to give students much-needed drilling of skills in note reading, rhythmic training and ear training
Music Ace 2 – Consumer Version – 24 more levels continuing from where Music Ace 1 leaves off
Music Ace Deluxe
– Includes 36 out of the 48 total lessons found in Music Ace 1 and Music Ace 2 (better to have Music Ace 1 and Music Ace 2 separately)

Ear Training – Continuing After Above Titles

EarMaster Pro 6 CD
Musition 4

Music Notation

Sibelius 7.5 – This is the notation software I recommend: very powerful, much easier to learn and use than Finale, not full of bugs like Encore
Sibelius 7.5 Academic – Student / teacher edition
Finale 2014 Professional Edition – Considered the industry standard (that may change!), but difficult to learn
Finale 2014 Academic – Student / teacher edition

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