Quartz MR-500 Metronome (electric) – While there are many fancy electric metronomes out there, the most basic metronome is all that even the most advanced musicians need 99.9% of the time. This “dial interface” metronome is more convenient to use than push-button types (push-button metronomes make it very tedious to set speed, like setting an alarm clock).

Wittner Taktell Piccolo Metronome (mechanical) – Mechanical metronomes only need to be wound up every now and then, so there is no fussing with batteries. There are some “travel size” mechanical metronomes out there, but I recommend full size metronomes like this one since the numbers are easier to read.

SoftTiles 1×1 Interlocking Foam Mats – When students are sitting at their piano (sitting up straight) and their hands are on the keyboard, their elbows should be level with the surface of the white keys. Buy as many of these cheap foam mats as you need to make sure elbows are level.  Pillows, newspapers, etc. are also an option, but this option is easier and also easily adjustable. Also keep in mind that age has nothing to do with how many mats are needed – it has to do with the ratio of torso-to-upper-arm length.

LED Piano Lamp – A piano lamp I myself would love to buy some day – very expensive, but so nice!

Korg SP170s 88-key digital piano – If you absolutely must practice with a non-acoustic piano, this would be my pick. I only recommend this for those who cannot afford a decent acoustic piano.

Piano Pedal Extender – When kids begin lessons at the age of 5-7, often they will progress into music that requires pedaling before they are tall enough to reach the pedals comfortably, causing awkward positions at the piano that adversely affect technique. This pedal extender can be adjusted to varying heights as the child grows.

Skype Lessons

For those wanting to do distance lessons (music lessons via Skype or Google+) or who wish to make high-quality audio or video recordings, here are my picks for a webcam and a microphone:

  • Yeti Blue Microphone – This microphone is high quality and very easy to use, with very high ratings from users.
  • Logitech C920 Webcam – A fantastic, easy-to-use webcam that delivers top picture quality.

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